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I am Raigo, an experience(d) designer.

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image of Raigo Lilleberg, the freelance designer

I specialize in helping your company build more meaningful digital experiences that align with your desired business outcomes. The goal is to improve customer value, increase brand awareness, and enhance in-house productivity.


I achieve this goal by focusing on understanding better your company's business, challenges, impact, and value. In addition to working with your product or service, we might also work on systemizing the design as needed or streamlining your design processes.


I have always had a curious and analytical mindset, drawn to understanding and solving complex problems. I find design thinking and process the most helpful and practical problem-solving tools. That's why I am passionate about helping companies create better customer experiences.


I work with companies that value investing in better customer experiences, improved workflows, and meaningful outcomes. I'm particularly interested in partnering with companies in the mental health, education, and tech sectors.

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