Best way to dig deeper with understanding the core challenge at hand and exploring possible strategies to solve it.

We will cover:

  • Walkthrough of your business, overall goals and current challenges.

  • Defining the root cause of current challenge at hand.

  • Defining the bad (failed) outcome, it's impact and risk to the business and means to measure it.

  • Defining the good (success) outcome, it's value to the business and means to measure it.

  • Explore strategies and possible tactics to take on, that help to solve the problem.

  • Conclude with a report, that summarizes everything covered and a strategy plan for next steps.

  • In case we decide to proceed together, then also a brief introduction to the design process, terms and next steps (e.g. scoping, proposal, scheduling, etc).


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If you don`t have time for the small things, you won`t have time for the big things.

Richard Branson